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{ Why The Web? }

This is a New Era in technology and in medicine. When you can read images created by your radiology department or your own imaging center from your house or anywhere, why not have the same access to your patient's important medical history? Or find their referring doctor's email or phone number, or dictate the study you're reading right into an application and email to the referring doctor right away?

medAnywhere allows you to do many things that you couldn't do with the traditional patient management system that is sitting in your office.

{ Secure Data } uses the industry standard for all of your data encryption when posting data over the web. Strong password enforcement and administrative user/menu maintence and logs allows you to see who is doing what and you also have control over who can see and access what.

Your data is hosted on redundant servers in a web farm that is housed in a Tier 1 data center located in Reston, Va (Reston Exhange). We take care of the server and data maintenance so that you don't have the cost of paying for an IT team.

{ User Friendly } offers the best workflow interface in the business.  Depending what your job is, you will have the data at your fingertips as it becomes available.  medAnyhere offers self-refreshing pages so you don't have to touch the page to see new data available.  For example, if you are a doctor and you have medAnywhere open, you will automatically see new reports for approval and new studies ready for dictation.
{ Newest Technology } is built with the newest cutting-edge technology and will always be on the cutting-edge.  This means that you will never feel obsolete using our system and you will never have to say "My system can't do that".  You can feel confident that your data is secure and that you will be able to "talk" to other systems using HL7, XML, ANSI or any other standard that is available.
{ Cross Browser Compatibility } is one of the first cross-browser medical management applications available on the web.  This means that you can use almost any browser to access this application.  No matter which browser you prefer, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Netscape, you will be able to utilize enjoy the highest quality and security available using and the browser of your choice.
Internet Explorer ® 5.5+
Internet Explorer has newly upgraded privacy, reliability, and flexibility features. Internet Explorer allows the web application to offer high quality features that are available with the newest version of IE.
Firefox/Mozilla ®
The upcoming and popular browser that is quickly becoming the choice browser for many people because it can be used on both MAC and PC platforms.
Opera ®
Opera is another very popular browser that uses a tabbed interface like Firefox.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is fully supported with medAnywhere.

Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way: It's quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap, and runs complex web applications fast. Learn more about Chrome.

{ Browser Check }

If you see any red X's, you will have trouble using our system. If you are using a browser other than IE you will see an X under Active-X. This should work fine except for printing headerless reports. Otherwise, you must have javascript and cookies enabled to use this program.
{ News }
3/26/2009 :: Welcome to medAnywhere
medAnywhere is a cutting edge, browser based medical management system that will allow you to manage your mult-facility practice from anywhere in the world. Progressive MRI to purchase 10 imaging centers: Read Story
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